We take action today

To foster opportunity in the communities where we operate

We coordinate efforts with civil society to democratize knowledge and opportunities through education, thus creating more inclusive futures. To achieve this, we develop technology education initiatives for young people, mainly focused on developing the necessary skills for them to be agents of change in the 21st century.

Another focus of our work is strengthening social organizations by providing them with technological tools to raise the funds they need to fulfill their missions. We also mobilize our users to exercise their citizenship within our ecosystem, thereby promoting a culture of digital donation in Latin America.

Impacts that matter

9,000 young people

9,000 young people registered on the Beta Hub platform and 2,218 scholarships awarded in 2023.

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1,329 girls aged 14–18 years trained in technology with the Conectadas program across Latin America.

Over 3,900

Over 3,900 organizations registered with the Mercado Libre Solidario program.

Over USD 33,2 million

Over USD 33,2 million in transactions through Mercado Libre Solidário in 2022.

Impact stories

Giovana Pereira - participantes do Conectadas.png

“Conectadas showed me that I really am capable of learning and applying this new knowledge in practice, in a very easy and uncomplicated way.”

Giovana Pereira - Conectadas participant
Julio Cals - Presidente da Cruz Vermelha Brasileira.png

“The collaboration between the Brazilian Red Cross and Mercado Pago has brought together a solidarity chain of people across the country in order to get humanitarian aid to Bahia. Actions like this require a careful look at those in need, in order to support them more and more and reduce their suffering.”

Julio Cals - President of the Brazilian Red Cross
Malena Famá.png

“With the funds that we raised thanks to the Donate button, we bought the tools that Mario needed to start over.”

Malena Famá - Fundación Multipolar Director

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We know the challenge is huge, but we also know that the time to act is right now.

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