We take action today

To reduce our environmental impact

As we grow our business, bringing more people into our ecosystem, we are aware that the environmental impact from our operations and value chain also grows. Along with this, our commitment to the sustainable development of the region grows stronger.

This continuous growth challenges us to be more efficient in energy consumption, reduce our carbon emissions, and innovate in the search for environmental solutions. In collaboration and through alliances with major players in the regional logistics chain, we are actively working to implement technologies and foster the development of disruptive solutions that can be scaled not only within our market but also across the industry, bringing about positive change.

We measure and report our annual greenhouse gas emissions, implementing initiatives to mitigate their impact. The ongoing measurement of carbon emissions is a crucial aspect of our strategy, enabling us to swiftly identify and implement reduction measures as our business expands. Through the Regenera América program, we aim to fund initiatives for the conservation and regeneration of Latin American biomes. This involves supporting the restoration chain, generating future carbon credits, promoting local development, and preserving ecosystems.

Impacts that matter

Over 22 million

packages delivered via electric-driven mobility solutions in 2023.

Amibente Imagen Floating arbol.png


hectares of forest are being regenerated in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest


of our packages are recyclable, reusable or compostable.


electric vehicles in our logistics fleet.


distribution centers powered by renewable energy in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

Responsible Business Awards

Outstanding in the 2023 Biodiversity Champion Award category.

Eco Award - Amcham Brazil

Climate strategy, promotion of triple impact entrepreneurship through e-commerce and Conectadas program.

Los Bóscares Award

For the development of the Regenera América program.

Impact stories

Adriana Kfouri, TNC.png

"We are running a project that, in addition to responding to the sense of urgency for the carbon footprint, strengthens local governance and brings the landowner into the dialogue, with economic results beyond the indirect benefits brought by conservation and restoration of the territory."

Adriana Kfouri, TNC
Laury Cullen Jr, Ph.D., IPÊ.png

“Mercado Libre is helping us restore 750,000 trees in a 250-hectare-woodland, creating direct jobs for the local community that will be in charge of growing the trees and take care of the woodland in the future.”

Laury Cullen Jr., Ph.D., IPÊ
Juan Pablo Santos - Transportation Manager, Chile.png

“At Mercado Libre, we are committed to growing while generating the lowest possible environmental impact. With the use of electric vans, we can deliver packages within 24-48-hours, in line with this goal.”

Juan Pablo Santos, Transportation Manager, Chile

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We are acting today

We know the challenge is huge, but we also know that the time to act is right now.

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