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This inspiring conversation with Paul Hawken and Latin American entrepreneurs addressed the importance of regeneration in tackling the social and environmental challenges of this century

Regenera Talks Mercado Livre

A meeting on regeneration organized by Mercado Libre

Conducted by Argentinian journalist Tais Gadea Lara, Regenera Talks - a meeting on regeneration organized by Mercado Libre - welcomed Paul Hawken, ecologist, entrepreneur, writer, activist and one of the most respected voices in the world on the issue of sustainability. He is the founder of Project Drawdown, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching solutions for mitigating and reversing global warming.

During the conversation, Hawken shared his vision of regeneration as a fundamental strategy for addressing the social and environmental challenges of this century. “Regeneration means putting life at the center of all our decisions. It is a turning point that should guide all our actions”, he explained.

Testimonie author

“We have to push humanity towards possibility, not probability. And the possibilities we have are wonderful"

Paul Hawken
ecologist, entrepreneur, writer and activist.

Regeneration as a new paradigm

For the ecologist, the regeneration process should not be limited to ecosystems, after all, there is no point in restoring nature if we continue to support an economic system and production models that destroy it. Companies have been playing a key role in this turnaround.

“Any good CEO looks to the future and understands that in order to thrive, they need to change,” he said. “The main objective of business must be to serve humanity. The paradigm shift to regeneration is important because it deepens and improves the relationship with the land, ecosystems and communities”, he added.

With a pragmatic view, Hawken states that we should not expect these changes to come from the great world leaders or major international agreements. “The difference will come from people, companies, farmers, and cities. They will arise from entities that are closer to the communities”.

Testimonie author

"The Latin American region is a socio-environmental powerhouse. We can transform regenerative business into our greatest economic asset."

Marcelo Behar
VP of Sustainability and Public Relations at Natura &Co

Regeneration in practice

In addition to Paul Hawken's inspiring speech, participants were given the chance to learn about five ongoing regeneration projects in Latin America. Alex Pryor, President of Guayaki; Emiliano Donadio, Scientific Director of the Rewilding Argentina Foundation; Marcelo Behar, Vice President of Sustainability and Public Relations of Natura &Co; and Shaun Paul, CEO of Ejido Verde, commented on their main initiatives, business models based on regeneration and how they see the evolution of the issue in the region.

Mercado Libre also shared its roadmap and the challenges of Regenera América, a program that promotes the conservation and regeneration of iconic biomes in Latin America. With an initial investment of $8 million, Regenera América is supporting two restoration projects in 2021: the Mantiqueira Conservation Project and Corridors for Life, both located in the Atlantic Forest biome in Brazil.

Guadalupe Marín, Mercado Libre's Director of Sustainability, said she is convinced that “to generate real change, we must not only mitigate environmental impact, but also start to regenerate and return resources back to nature”. “We are proud to support the conversation among experts already working on ecosystem restoration, bringing together voices and solutions that can accelerate the plans in the region, while taking the first steps with Regenera América,” she added.

Testimonie author

"Why are we doing what we do? This is a question we must live out daily."

Alex Pryor
President of Guayaki

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