We act today for the best to come

  • + 9000

    people hired in 2022

  • #6 best

    place to work in Latin America

  • 87%

    engagement rate

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Featured initiatives

  • + 2 thousand

    provide services to the Mercado Libre ecosystem

  • 94%

    of suppliers are local

  • +210

    suppliers have already measured their impact using Sistema B

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  • + 500 thousand

    SMEs sell through our platform

  • 840 M

    items sold by SMEs

  • + 12%

    increase vs. 2021

  • 686 thousand

    entrepreneurs accessed their first credit with Mercado Pago

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  • + 11 M

    products with positive impact were sold in the region

  • 6.8 M

    new buyers in the Latin American market

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  • + 1,300

    young girls trained in technology programs

  • + 1.000

    young people trained for their first job

  • + 3,500

    NGOs registered with the Mercado Libre Solidario program

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  • 797

    vehicles in our electric fleet

  • 8

    of our operations 100% migrated to renewable energy

  • 6,000

    hectares of forests being regenerated in Brazil and Mexico

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Using innovation and technology, we aim to:


Reduce our environmental impact.


Promote the transition to sustainable mobility.


Drive the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Facilitate consumption with positive impact.


Empower people through education.

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Support a culture of digital donation.

“Today, more than ever, we know that the world needs to be transformed.”

Letter by Marcos Galperín, Mercado Libre founder and CEO
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About the company

Our ecosystem helps strengthen the entrepreneurial community.

This is just

the beginning!

We are acting today

We know the challenge is huge, but we also know that the time to act is right now.

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Latest News


Sustainable Christmas: up to 40% off products with a positive impact

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Campaign supports entrepreneurs and celebrates Black ingenuity

PretaHub partner for 5 years, Mercado Libre increases visibility and accelerates digitalization for Black entrepreneurs in Brazil and Colombia


Mercado Libre picks conservation and regeneration projects in Latin America

The company seeks new initiatives to be financed by the Regenera América Program in 2023


Campaign promotes Latino biodiversity products

For three years, Mercado Livre has been giving visibility to Latin American biodiversity products, supporting local income creation and environmental preservation.


More than 4.3 million users purchased products with a positive impact in Latin America last year

The "Online Positive Impact Consumer Trends" study 2022 reveals market preferences based on data from Mercado Libre and a survey of users from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.


A new year of Entropía

More than 1,000 young people will be trained in STEM skills with a view to start engineering careers


Mercado Libre gets rid of additional packaging in a move to reduce materials in logistics


Mercado Libre is investing more than US$ 10 million in the regeneration and conservation of Latin American biomes in 2022

In addition to starting two projects in Brazil last year, the Regenera América program will support the restoration of an aquifer in Mexico.


Mercado Libre adds 150 electric vans to its fleet in Mexico

As a result, we now have the largest e-commerce fleet of EVs in Mexico and we are also advancing in the use of renewable energy

Paula Arregui y Guadalupe Marín.jpg

Mercado Pago will introduce financial education projects focused on Latin American women and young people

In collaboration with Pro Mujer, Aliança Emprendedora and Junior Achievement Américas, Mercado Pago will seek to boost the entrepreneurial capabilities of over 3,000 women, and support the financial education for 3,900 young people across the region.

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Mercado Libre has launched a new edition of Conectadas

The potential of technology getting closer to young women in Latin America


Mercado Libre presents its first Integrated Impact Report

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