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About the initiative

Digital inclusion of NGOs and fostering the culture of donation

The Mercado Libre Solidario program makes our ecosystem available to NGOs with the aim to strengthen their digital inclusion and fundraising capacity, while giving donors an easy access to online donations. This is how we support NGOs’ work regarding the development of more equitable and fair societies across Latin America.

How it works

After joining the program, NGOs have access to training and digital tools that simplify fundraising and management:

  • Donation fundraising via Mercado Pago.
  • Sales of products or services (events) with a 100% discount.
  • Financial management of transactions, such as payments to suppliers and fund transfers.
  • Investment of funds available in their digital wallets.
  • Connecting to other NGOs across Latin America.
  • Participation in campaigns launched by Mercado Libre.

Donate button

Always in the pursuit of social impact by means of technology, we have invested our know-how in the development of the Donate button to encourage Mercado Pago users in supporting major social causes. This tool helped foster the culture of donation under the program and simplified fundraising for the NGO network we support in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

The Donate button is a permanent feature that allows users with a Mercado Pago account to make a donation to different social organizations in a safe and convenient manner, with just a few clicks. Committed to supporting solidarity campaigns since 2019, the fintech allowed fundraising for causes like access to food and housing, diversity, and people with disabilities. The Donate button was also displayed to make donations for emergency situations in the countries where we operate, such as fires and floods. More than USD 650,000 were raised with this tool in three years.

Main results


+3,580 registered organizations under the program in Latina America.

+USD 23 million

+USD 23 million transacted in 2022.


+4,900 organizations trained since 2018.

Join the program

Register your organization with Mercado Libre Solidario and take advantage of the program benefits to enhance the impact of your initiatives. It’s easy! Choose your country, read the program’s Terms and Conditions, fill in the registration form, and wait for the next steps to guide you through.







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More information

Please read the content that we have prepared to improve your experience with our platform. You will find web series, tutorials, publications, online events, and videos about relevant topics for your organization, such as digital transformation, sales techniques, social marketing, communications, and fund management.

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