Energy management

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About the initiative

We are working to increase our energy efficiency and consumption of energy from renewable sources, with the goal of migrating 100% of our distribution center operations to clean energy sources by 2035.

Energy efficiency

By employing our smart metering approach, we can remotely and accurately monitor real-time energy consumption in our distribution centers throughout Latin America. Through smart sensors and real-time monitoring dashboards, we can make quick operational decisions to improve our energy efficiency.

More renewable energies in our power grid

To increase the share of renewable energies in Mercado Libre’s power grid, we have addressed two fronts:

  • Clean energy generation by installing photovoltaic solar energy-driven systems in our buildings and administrative centers.
  • Execution of Power Purchase Agreements with local providers of renewable energy.

In 2023, 13 distribution centers in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico transitioned to being powered by renewable energy. We also unveiled a photovoltaic system at the Funza Storage and Distribution Center in Colombia, consisting of 1,088 solar panels. The solar system generates over 550,000 kWh per year, enabling us to supply more than 50% of our operations with renewable energy.

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We work to achieve greater energy efficiency and to supply our operations 100% with renewable and clean energy throughout Latin America.

Main results

63.705.598 MWh

Of renewable energy in our operations.


Of our operations supplied with renewable energy.

13 distribution centers

Supplied with renewable energy in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

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